Connecting advanced technologies to establish reliable baseload energy from geothermal resources.

About Us

As one of the stakeholders in the geothermal industry, we leverage our vast experience from the Oil & Gas industry to evaluate and then advance technologies that lead us on a sustainable energy path.

We are committed to connecting with the right ideas, technologies and companies that are market leading and offer step change innovations to improve reliability, cost and efficiency in geothermal energy delivery.

Board of Directors

Antonio Calleri
President of GEOLOG
Richard Spears
Vice President at Spears & Associates, Inc.
Phil Longorio
Former CEO of Scientific Drilling
Nathan Meehan
Professor at Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University
Sam Abraham
Vice President of The Geothermal Resources Group

Leadership Team

Richard Calleri
Chief Executive Officer
Marcus Oesterberg
Chief Operating Officer
Franco Caselli
Chief Geologist & New Ventures
Cannur Bozkurt
Vice President of Business Development
Guy Oliver
Geoscience and Exploration


Ignis Energy is currently involved in multiple projects around the globe including

Aquifer geothermal
energy delivery
Energy delivery
from volcanic dry rock
Repurposing of
O&G wells


Sage Geosystems Announces Strategic Partnership and Investment from IGNIS H2 Energy and the Geolog Group to Advance Energy Storage Solutions Using Geothermal Technology

November 1st 2022


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